My name is Mandy Bennett. 


The early years:

I was born in Somerset, England where I grew up enjoying the local countryside and having a love of nature.  I was academic at school, and sporty as well.  I studied O levels, then A levels, and then went on to Reading University where I gained a BSc Honours degree in Cybernetics & Control Engineering, with Mathematics.

Out into the wide world:

I then moved to Suffolk in East Anglia to work for BT (British Telecommunications plc) at their Research and Development establishment.

The trip of a lifetime:

Some years after joining BT, I decided to take some extended leave and partake in an overlanding trip in South America, travelling to Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.  Within a few days of starting this adventure I contracted salmonella and dysentery, but non the less had an amazing time.  Upon returning to England my health gradually deteriorated over a period of months and I ended up being chronically ill for over three years with chronic fatigue and abdominal problems.  After many trips to doctors, hospitals and exploratory procedures and operations with no diagnosis or cure, I started researching on the internet.  Eventually I found what was wrong and gradually restored my health using a combination of complementary, orthodox and nutritional therapy.

A new direction:

I became interested in complementary therapies and attended various ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ events.  Through meeting people and studying I realised that a lot of chronic issues such as mine can be quickly and successfully treated using a variety of therapies.  From here, my interest grew and I studied the use of herbs (English), and oils for health with a local herbalist over the period of a year.  I went on to take courses in Reiki (a form of energy healing) and qualified as a practitioner in the late 90’s.  Whilst still at BT, I trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to Practitioner and then Master level.  At the time I studied this primarily to understand more about myself and ‘how I tick’, as it involves discovering how people perceive and process information from the world and use their different senses, and have and build different belief systems.  The way in which you view the world and the thoughts you have about it can have a huge impact on the quality of life you experience.  I found this training, and the insights and changes I was able to make, revolutionary.

Following on from NLP training, the next logical step from looking at the five senses was to investigate the 6th, and spiritual and psychic aspects.  In order to discover more I joined a psychic development circle for a period of about four years.

A new start:

With my interest and experience in Complementary Therapies growing, and wanting to make a positive impact on people’s lives, I decided to leave BT.  After BT, I continued to learn and train, and somewhat by chance came across someone who dowsed to heal people.  I attended various talks and then decided to attend the 2yr training course, which was amazing.

I love dowsing and using my various other skills to help people move forward in life in a positive way in less time and more easily than they might otherwise be able to.  As I discovered for myself, things can be overcome and achieved much more quickly and effortlessly than is often the case – it needn’t take as long as it often does.

Some of the trainings I have undertaken in the last 25 years are listed below:

  • Herbalism – Anthony Moorehouse, Sacred Earth
  • Reiki – Pete Warnock
  • NLP – Practitioner with ‘ITS’  – Ian McDermott
  • NLP – Master practitioner with ‘ITS’ – Ian McDermott, Robert Dilts, TadJames,  Susie Smith, and others.
  • NLP – various courses – Robert Dilts, Robert MacDonald
  • Dowsing – Jack Temple – Jack Temple dowsing academy, school of vibrational healing.

In business, I have trained in the following:

  • Quality Management
  • Auditing
  • Business requirements
  • Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Financial Management (for non financial managers)

and various computing and technical courses.