What is health?

The root of the word ‘health’ comes from the Anglo Saxon word ‘ hael’ meaning whole.  People most often think of health in terms of physical abilities and wellbeing, but what about emotional, mental, and spiritual health?

Health is a very subjective personal matter; what to one person constitutes good health may be totally different for another.

Many health issues have a number of root causes or factors.  Stress is often a key component or contributory factor in many conditions; eczma for example is often exacerbated by stress.

It is my aim to help people to lead healthy and happy lives and fulfill their potential.  I am uniquely positioned to do this, due to my training, skills and expertise, as well as my personal and professional experience in dealing with a wide range of health issues.  I am a Health Dowser, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master, and Energy Therapist.

If you have a health issue or ‘problem’ that you want resolved, I have many ways of helping you:

I can work with you to help identify root causes and factors behind your issue, and not just look at managing symptoms.

I can then provide therapeutic tools and techniques and recommendations to help you resolve the underlying factors, enabling your body’s healing abilities to get to work.

Recommendations may involve the use of supplements, essences or remedies, and may also involve recommendations concerning lifestyle and environment.  Lifestyle changes might mean avoiding certain foods or household or beauty products.  Environmental aspects might relate to home or work environment and require work to resolve stresses including relational and environmental stresses including Geopathic, psychic and electomagnetic stress.

If I feel I am able to help with your issue, I will provide an initial estimate, where possible, of the number of sessions required, the cost, and the overall time period of work.

If I am unable to help personally, I will endeavour to identify a therapy or therapist to help.

All work I conduct is confidential.
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