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Places may also require to be healed, for their own benefit and for that of the people and animals which live there.  Many issues can arise if there are problems with an environment.  There may be problems with land or properties and buildings, and there can be a range of causes.  The range of issues depends largely on the causative factors, but may include –

Poisoning and toxicity, and breathing difficulties, chemical sensitivities – especially from physical sources.

Headaches, insomnia, mood swings, emotional issues, infertility, chronic illnesses and conditions.

Mental unease, psychic disturbance, and ‘hauntings’.

Poor growth – of crops, animals and people.


The Physical 

Most people are probably aware of potential physical problems with an environment, which could impact health.

The land or water might be polluted with chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, or disease.  There are many cases where areas have become uninhabitable due to toxicity or radiation.  Some toxicity has been ‘man-made’ – chemical spills etc, and some has been natural – e.g. toxicity due to high levels of Cadmium (found in the Mendips some years ago in Somerset).  There are also places in which naturally occurring Radon gas has caused problems.

There may also be problems with the physical fabric of a building – with the materials used for construction or decorating.  Asbestos used to be used in buildings, some old paints contained arsenic, and more recently lead.  Lead also used to be used for water pipes.  Formaldehyde has been used in the treatment of building materials and furnishings.


The Energetic

The energies of a place can have a huge impact on health and wellbeing.  All places have a natural energy which can largely depend on the land and its topographical aspects – whether there are hills, rivers, mountains etc.  Some places are naturally more healthy and prosperous places for people to live than others.

Geopathic stress – coming from the Greek geo –of the Earth, and pathos – illness or disease, is a term generally used to denote energies coming from the earth which can cause ill health.  There are naturally occurring energies which are beneficial, and those which are detrimental.  These are generally referred to as ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ Earth energies, and it is the ‘negative’ ones which are generally considered in Geopathic stress.  Negative earth energies are often, but not exclusively as the result of underground fault lines and underground water.  The earth energies, naturally occurring, can also be influenced (sometimes negatively), by human activity such as quarrying, mining, building and construction work.  The energies may be in different forms – maybe most commonly in lines, which may stretch many miles, but also vortices, spirals, columns and other forms.  While some people seem to be negatively impacted by ‘negative’ earth energies, others don’t.  Animals and plants are impacted differently, with people, dogs, horses, roses, beech trees for example liking ‘positive’ earth energies, and cats, ants, wasps, fungi,and certain herbs seemingly happy to exist in ‘negative’ earth energy areas.

In addition to the inherent energies, the energy of a place can also be influenced by what has happened there:

Examples of places which may not have the best energies – and therefore might be wise to avoid building or living on (because of what has happened) are:

Battlegrounds, Plague pits, Mental institutions, War/death camps.

Burial grounds and Sacred sites, in my opinion, should also be left undisturbed for the purposes they were intended, and not be built on.


Buildings can also have the same kind of issues as the land.  As mentioned, the physical substance of a building can have negative impacts on health.  The energetic aspect of the material may also have an impact.  Also, as with the land, a building can be negatively affected by what has happened there.  Buildings can hold energy imprints of strong emotions and trauma.  Many people can sense if a house is a ‘happy house’, or if it holds negative energy imprints such as trauma and death.

What’s in the building can also have an impact on people’s (and animals’) wellbeing.

Many people are affected by – WiFi, cordless phones, microwave ovens etc. what is commonly referred to as ‘Technopathic stress’.  Fluorescent lights can be an issue for some people.

One of the most common issues I have found which can impact people negatively is: Objects – the most common of which being – photographs, paintings, weapons, carvings, and jewellery.  It is not necessarily the object itself, but the energy imprinted onto it or associated with it that can cause problems.

Other people in a property, or nearby can be a source of concern, as can people who are no longer there physically – i.e. Spirits.

Sometimes, Guardians of the land, or a place/building may have been upset by something that has happened there – maybe building or alteration works.  There may occasionally be other issues to consider such as contracts, covenants, or Ancestral/historical issues.