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What’s Wrong with Taunton?

An investigation by Mandy Bennett and Kate Fortlage


This was the question posed by Kate Fortlage to our local dowsing group – the Somerset Dowsers (an affiliated local group of the British Society of Dowsers (BSD)).

Taunton is the County Town of Somerset (since 1366A.D), in the South West of England, and like many Towns has been affected by the recent economic downturn.  In the view of many local inhabitants, however, it has been in decline for many years, despite recent investment and re-generation schemes.

I agreed with Kate that there was an issue, and was curious as to what might be going on with Taunton, on an energetic level.  What was the ‘energetic health’ of the Town?  What were the issues, if any, and what could we do to rectify them and ‘improve’ Taunton?


In July 2012, I dowsed a Town road map with the intention of finding any aspects relevant to the ‘energetic health’ of Taunton.  See Figure 1.

I found three primary energy lines, which should have been running through Taunton, but whose energy was blocked or disrupted.  Line 1 – the ‘blue/silver’ line was blocked to the South East of Town just on the other side of the motorway (M5) – see Figures 1 and 2.

The flow of energy from Line 2 – the Violet line was disrupted within the Town (I believe to be due to the problem with Line 1), but Line 3 – the White line, seemed largely unaffected.

The overall ‘energetic health’ of Taunton at this time was dowsed to be only 8%.

Figure 1 – Taunton – Energy Lines

On the 26th July 2012, I went to Kate’s to share my initial findings, and for us to do some more dowsing investigation of the energy lines of Taunton.  The priority issue (Issue 1) was found to be the block to Line 1, near the Motorway– see Figure 2.

Issue 1

Further dowsing investigation showed that there was indeed an issue at this location (see Figure 2), which had two aspects/factors:

Factor A – a blockage to the energy coming into Taunton on Line 1; and

Factor B – a ‘black spot’.

The overall percentage level for the Issue was 6% (with 100% being the level that would be achieved if it were fully resolved).

Figure 2 – Blockage at Motorway


Factor A

I dowsed to find when the blockage had occurred, as it might seem reasonable to think that the building of the Motorway had had some impact on the flow of energy.  This section of the motorway was built in 1972-1974.

Factor A was last 100% – i.e. totally OK and not blocked, in 1356A.D.  In 1356A.D. the level dropped from 100% to 61%.  It had subsequently dropped again to 32% in 1972 (when the motorway was being built) and dropped again by 2012 to only 6%.  In addition to the blockage, the Guardian of the place was ‘not happy’.

Factor B

The ‘black spot’ factor had last been 100% in 1216 A.D.  It dropped to virtually zero at that time, and has gradually built itself back up to the current level of 72%.

Treatment of Issue 1

On 1st August 2013, I went to Kate’s to conduct the first part of the treatment – for factor A of Issue 1.

Factor A Treatment – Treatment 1

The treatment of Factor A was done remotely to the site.  It involved placing a map of the site (similar to Figure 3) at a dowsed-for location and orientation inside Kate’s house.

A bottle of (suitable dowsed-for remedy) homeopathic tablets was placed on the map at point X, for the predetermined time of 22 minutes.  The healing process also required blessing (by use of our intent).  The progress of the treatment was monitored, and the ‘used’ tablets were disposed of afterwards.

Following treatment 1, the overall percentage level for Issue 1 had risen to 61%.

The overall level for Taunton had risen to 32%.

After effects of Treatment 1!

Following the treatment, all occupants of Kate’s house (including pets!) were exhausted for 2 days.  A scooter battery went flat – but was able to be re-charged, but the car battery was not so fortunate – being flat and unsalvageable!

It seems possible that the healing was drawing energy to support it from the surrounding area – i.e. Kate’s house!  In future, we resolved to ensure that all links established during healing would be closed off afterwards.

On 23rd August 2013, I went to Kate’s to conduct the treatment for the second part of Issue 1 (factor B).

Factor B Treatment – Treatment 2

It had been determined that this treatment needed to be conducted as soon as possible after the full moon (21st August).  With the after effects of the previous treatment, we did our best to ensure that there would be no more unexpected side effects or consequences!

A suitable location was found (by dowsing), outside in Kate’s garden.  The orientation was checked – by dowsing, and the map held in place with a few stones found in a nearby flowerbed.  We set energetic protection for ourselves and the property, and sealed the area of the map.  Kate conducted this treatment, calling in any necessary help (a Nature spirit) and Guardian of the place, and placed a Tibetan quartz crystal (vertically) on the point P1 on the map (Figure 2), for approximately 6 seconds.  Following this, a small bottle of a mix of ‘Holy waters’ was placed on the spot for approximately 40 seconds.  Kate said a prayer for the healing of the area, and the energy link was closed down.  During the healing, Kate had her wand in her hand – as the ‘Helper’ was called in, and the healing progressed the wand went wild!

After treatment 2, the overall percentage level for Issue 1 was 100% – i.e. the issue had been fully resolved.

The overall level for Taunton had risen to 83%.

After effects of Treatment 2!

Following treatment 2, there were more side effects at Kate’s! – the computer wouldn’t accept e-mails for a week, the telephone misbehaved, and the electric kettle wouldn’t switch off, but on the bright side her back condition was much improved!

I speculated that maybe Kate had taken in so much energy during the treatment process, that it had effected a healing on her, but she may have inadvertently ‘fried’ any electrical equipment she subsequently came into contact with.  Any further work will have to ensure checking that we are grounded and that any residual energies are safely dispersed! We live and learn.

Issue 2

The second issue – Issue 2, was at the other (North West) end of Line 1 in the Staplegrove area of the Town (see Figures 1 and 3.)

There were two factors associated with this issue.

Factor A – 61%

Factor B – 8%

No specific details of the factors were able to be determined, but the overall issue was currently 67%, and had last been 100% in 1215 A.D. (Note the similar date to the ‘Black spot’ factor of Issue 1).

Figure 3 – Staplegrove

Given the ‘interesting’ after-effects of the previous work we had undertaken on the other end of the energy line, Kate was understandably quite keen for us to seek some expert advice before proceeding with any further treatments!

During a subsequent visit to Kate’s she mentioned a book she had been reading by Marko Pogacnik, who obviously worked on this sort of thing.  I realised that he would be at the BSD conference at the end of September, which Kate and I were both planning to attend.

Kate subsequently signed up for his workshop at Conference, and explained what we were doing, and had done, and sought his advice.  He believed that we had had the after effects because we had cleared and freed up the energy of the line, but had not given it a ‘landing point’ to connect to (in that case on the Town side of the motorway).

We resolved to ensure a ‘landing point’ was in place for the work on the North West end of the line.

After the treatment of Issue 1, I had monitored (via map dowsing) the progress of the energy along Line 1 – gradually travelling from South East to North West, over a period of weeks.  It was important to clear Issue 2 at a time when the energy had not reached that area, but at the same time, was not too far away (not wishing to cause a great arc of energetic disturbance, again!)

It was not possible for Kate and myself to work on Issue 2 at the ideal time, so on the 8th October 2013, Kate utilised two K-coils (devices used for manipulating earth energy), to put a halt on the progress of the energy along the line, to buy us some time. This was done remotely, using the map and K-coils at Kate’s house.  The temporary stop point is shown on Figure 3.  It had also been necessary for Kate to move the line slightly so that it wouldn’t cause any harm when the energy was stopped.  With the stop on the line, this enabled Kate to consult her Buddhist diary to find an auspicious day on which to conduct the work.

Treatment of Issue 2

On 18th October 2013, Kate and I met at her house to go over our plan of action for treating Issue 2.  This time, I think to Kate’s relief, we went on site to carry out the necessary work.  I had my clipboard, and Kate was sporting her official-looking high visibility jacket, and brought a hard hat for good measure (no-one seems to question people dressed like this – even if they are swinging pendulums and waving wands!)

The first factor to be treated was Factor B, which could be done from the car park of the Village Hall in Staplegrove.

We dowsed for the appropriate place in the car park, and then proceeded to address the first factor by placing a bottle of Holy water on the place and each offering a blessing.  We both monitored the progress of this with Kate using her wand, and me, my pendulum – both were very energetic.

We also called on Angelic assistance.  After this, we checked that the level of Factor B had increased to 100%.

The next step was carried out a short way along the footpath at the side of the Village Hall.  Kate called on the ‘spirit of the place’ (whom I referred to as the ‘giant’ because of its very large presence), explaining that we were there to help and asking for assistance.  I then placed a pre-determined number of tablets of an appropriate homeopathic remedy on the ground, and again monitored the progress of the treatment.

When completed, the level of Factor A was 100%.

Following this we went to set up a landing point for the energy slightly further up the line.  Up a lane, along the path of the energy line we found a suitable positioning point to place the piece of Tibetan quartz to be used for this purpose; hidden away in the trunk of a lovely Holm Oak (marked on Figure 3).

Then back into Town, to find the point on the ground for the K-coils to be released – easier said than done!  After wandering down various side roads, we finally managed to find the appropriate location, and lo and behold, it was right outside the barrier for a building site, so Kate’s choice of attire was spot on!  We released the line provisionally at that point, and then returned to Kate’s house and removed – carefully – the K coils (on the map) holding the line.  We felt the energy leap forward and the wand moved in huge soft circles, indicating a release of the energy to its proper line.  Job done with no adverse effects.

The level of Issue 2 was then checked and found to be 100%.

What’s in the middle?

Part way through the investigation, I wondered what was in the middle area where the three lines converge.  I wondered if it might be Taunton Castle, or the old area of Vivary Park, but these were too far West and South respectively.  Not knowing what else to do, I zoomed in on a Google map of the area, and found……. The Cricket Ground!  Not quite what I was expecting.  I then looked a little closer and started to notice some of the surrounding road names including Priory Avenue, and Priory Bridge Road, and St Augustine Way.

Searching on the internet regarding the Cricket ground, I found that on the edge of the Ground is the Somerset County Cricket Museum which is housed in Old Priory Barn – the only remaining building of Taunton Priory.  The Priory was an Augustinian Priory, was the Priory of St Peter and St Paul, and was founded in 1115AD by William Gyffarde who was Bishop of Winchester.  It was later demolished during the Dissolution of the Monasteries under King Henry VIII, in 1539, all except the mediaeval barn.

See Figure 4 – The positions of the lines, as determined by dowsing, is shown for both 1115AD, and 2013AD. (I have noticed that energy lines seem to move – generally very gradually, over time – I have observed this with dowsing investigations of other places, including the Giza plateau in Egypt).

Figure 4 – “What’s in the Middle?”

It was very interesting to find three major and beneficial energy lines converging on the site of the old Priory – I have found this before at other sites such as Cleeve Abbey (also in Somerset).  I personally believe that the confluence of such beneficial energies would have been the reason that these sites were chosen for the building of such centres.


At the end of February 2014, the energetic health of Taunton is now 98.6%.  The missing 1.4% is due to a minor issue in the North East area of the Town which is not causing any major problems, and will resolve itself within the next few years (determined via dowsing).  This is a vast improvement on where it was 18 months previously – 8%.

As a result of this investigation, I believe it is possible to identify issues, carry out remedial work, and indeed positively improve the health of a relatively large area.

I would not, however, recommend this kind of investigation and work for novice dowsers, or those working alone.  I would also caution on treading lightly, and always ensuring that appropriate permissions are sought before work is undertaken – remember to dowse for Can I? May I? and Should I? and not proceed unless these are positive.

Do seek guidance and help, if and when necessary.

This has been an interesting, and at times (for Kate!) disturbing investigation.  It has involved much learning and development, and has been intriguing, perplexing, fascinating, but most of all fun.

It will be interesting to see if, and what, the positive impacts will be on Taunton and its people in the months and years to come – and maybe the Cricket team too!